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Message from the CEO

President & CEO Hiroyuki Seki

The global energy and resources business environment is undergoing unprecedented rapid evolution. While petroleum and fossil fuels, including oil and natural gas, continue to remain an essential part of our modern day to day lives, global environmental concerns are impacting the manner in which petroleum and fossil fuels have traditionally been explored and developed. With this in mind, we are continually evolving and striving in the performance of our key business activities of oil and gas exploration, upholding our commitment to global environmental issues and best practices.

Mitsubishi Corporation Exploration, Ltd (MCX), during this period of evolution, has also evolved to respond to the changes and requirements of our stakeholders. “Mitsubishi Petroleum Development Company, Ltd”, the predecessor of MCX, was founded by 27 Mitsubishi group companies to conduct petroleum developments as an independent company. In 2001, Mitsubishi Petroleum Development Company, Ltd became a wholly subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation before being reborn as “Mitsubishi Corporation Exploration, Ltd”. Following this restructuring, MCX key focus became oil exploration and production activities relying our knowledge, skills and expertise in the industry. Today, we aim to raise our value in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects undertaken by the Natural Gas Group of Mitsubishi Corporation, through the provision of a broad range of activities across the value chain, such as supporting natural gas production through to liquefaction facilities, or the performance of qualitative and quantitative evaluation work. However, our “raison d’etre”, our strengths and our business acumen remains the same. As an organization, we also continue to develop our other resources – human – through continued professionals skills learning and development.

The economic value of hydrocarbon production and liquefaction of natural gas can only be realized through the applied expertise of a number of specialized fields. We apply a systematic approach to addressing and resolving the various challenges and technical obstacles of the industry bounded by a holistic view to ensure consistency and scrutiny of our ultimate decision making process. Not only does this expose our professionalism and expertise, but also helps us grow as an organization through improved knowledge and skills.

Today, our pursuit of petroleum development projects or LNG projects is with global environmental concerns firmly in mind. As a company involved in the energy resource business, the theme of competition and/or coexistence with alternative energy such as renewable energy is also a major consideration. We are committed to boldly challenging this difficult task and to develop new business fields in order to create new value. Not only does this expand our corporate strength and value but also provides opportunities for social contribution. Our endeavor is on-going.

President & CEOHiroyuki Seki